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The Dubliner Irish Pub & Restaurant: Serving the Best Fish and Chips in Boston

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The Dubliner Irish Restaurant: Serving the Best Fish and Chips in Boston

In the heart of Boston, where cobblestone streets echo tales of revolutionaries, and modern skyscrapers touch the horizon, there exists a culinary treasure that melds tradition with taste. At the Dubliner Irish Restaurant, we're not just serving food; we're offering an experience, a chance to savor what many locals and visitors alike hail as the best fish and chips in Boston.

Boston and its Irish Affection

Boston's historic landscape is richly woven with Irish threads. From its early settlers to the vibrant St. Patrick's Day celebrations, the city's Irish love affair is evident. But if there's one manifestation of this affection that appeals to both the heart and the stomach, it's the city's penchant for authentic Irish cuisine. And at the forefront of this gastronomic journey is our classic dish: fish and chips.

Why The Dubliner Irish pub & restaurant Boasts the Best Fish and Chips in Boston

  1. Authenticity at its Core: Drawing from age-old recipes straight from Dublin, our fish and chips is an ode to Irish tradition. The fish, usually cod or haddock, is coated in a light, crispy batter that sings of the Emerald Isle's seas.

  2. Prime Ingredients: Nestled close to the Atlantic, Boston provides us with the freshest catch. Paired with thick-cut, golden potatoes and our secret seasoning, the result is sheer perfection.

  3. Ambience: The Dubliner isn't just about food. Our rich wooden interiors, Celtic motifs, and the gentle hum of Irish ballads create an atmosphere that transports you straight to a Dublin pub.

  4. Heart of the City: Located amidst Boston's bustling lanes, The Dubliner offers both locals and tourists easy access. Whether you're taking a break from sightseeing or looking for a hearty meal after work, we're here to serve.

A Meal, a Memory

Fish and chips is more than just a dish; it's a canvas of flavors, memories, and traditions. It speaks of Dublin streets, rainy evenings, and the warmth of a pub filled with laughter. In Boston, a city that treasures its Irish heritage, The Dubliner stands as a beacon for those seeking an authentic taste.

In Conclusion

The quest for the best fish and chips in Boston ends at the doorsteps of The Dubliner. With every bite, experience the melding of Boston's urban charm and Ireland's timeless culinary legacy. Join us for a meal, and let's raise a toast to traditions, tastes, and the undeniable spirit of two great cities!

what's is served with fish and chips? 

Delivered every morning fresh from Boston based fish mongers we prepare our housemade batter and cut up over 1lb of haddock to be battered and fried when customers place their orders
Our fish and chips are  Served with a side of 'Mushy' green peas, a must with any order of battered fish 

As well as Malt vinegar a staple in any fish and chip shop in Ireland 

Our house made Irish style curry sauce for dipping the hand cut chunky triple cooked chips in

& of course a side of fresh tartar sauce for your battered haddock.

What if you Don't Want the best fish and chips around Boston?

Don't worry if not everyone in your group doesn't want great fish and chips around Boston . At the dubliner located right across the road from city hall, a block from beacon hill and the Boston common, we are also known for our fresh Irish seafood chowder made with combination of fresh mussels , smoked haddock, salmon & clams! A definitely must try for any seafood fanatic! 

Or try our traditional donegal lamb shepherds pie with a bed of creamy mash slow cooked to perfection! 


Where to get best fish and chips in Boston ? 

Obviously we take great pride in preparing our fish and chips & this is why you'll see articles in the Boston globe , water and other popular Boston restaurant guides

The dubliner Boston is located at 2 center plaza. 02108. Directly across the street from Boston city hall & the government center t stop.  

so no matter where in Boston you maybe staying we are easily accessible by Bostons metro system and 4 minute walk from the famous freedom trail of Boston. 

5 - minute walk to the Omni Parker restaurant 

7 minutes to the Boston common & public garden 

around the block from XV beacon 

so even if your going to TD garden for a concert or a sports game you can stop in & try the best fish and chips in downtown Boston. 

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